termcast: Public Live Terminal Session Reflector

What is it?

It's a service for watching/broadcasting live terminal sessions (like NetHack games, or, in fact, any other console-based game or other terminal activity).

How can I watch the games?

Just connect to termcast.org using your telnet client of choice. If you use Windows (tm), it's probably putty. Unix/Linux users can just run telnet termcast.org .

How can I make my game available for watching?

You need the following ingredients:

  1. ttyrec terminal session recorder
    If you are on Unix/Linux, it's probably available as a package for your operating system. If not, you can download it from the link above and compile it from the source).
    If you use Windows, the solution exists for cygwin. Here is an exe file, here is a source, patched for cygwin.
  2. ttrtail utility, which can stream your ttyrec files to the server. It can be compiled at least on Linux and in cygwin. Here is a precompiled Windows binary, not sure if it will work without cygwin runtime.

Once all the ingredients are in place:

  1. Choose a nickname, say, it's some_user,
  2. Choose a password, say, it's some_password,
  3. Choose (create if necessary) a directory where your ttyrec files are created. Change to that directory and run the following command from there: ttrtail some_user some_password.
  4. After ttrtail detects new *.ttyrec file, it connects to the server and starts streaming the session.

Howto for cygwin users (Windows) [no longer available, apparently].

Any addons?

Sartak has written a "TV" script, which continuously plays a set of ttyrecs. It is entirely self-contained (connects to the server and plays the ttyrec) and drives MarvinTV. It's available here.

More questions?

Send me a msg on Freenode IRC network. My nickname there is jsn-.


Server source

Here (0.06 is current version).

This Link Is Not A Spambait!.